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  • "As chair of the organising committee of 10 people for the Fun for Over 50’s expo to be held in 2011, we decided to use Coordit so everyone could see all details at any time. It is a great system, we all have access to the potential exhibitor list, we upload and modify our budgets, store all files including minutes of meetings and circulate messages all through the one web site. It gives everyone access so they know what's going on and update it at any time. Coordit is proving to be a great time saver!"

    Kevin, Chairman Fun for Over 50's Expo, Rotary Club of Bentleigh Moorabbin Central (Dec 2010)
  • "I have been using the Coordit web site living in the US as the mother of a groom whose future daughter in law lives in Australia. Coordit has made it very easy for me to keep up with tracking the guest list, dates scheduled to visit vendors, a timeline leading up to the big day and all the items that need to be accomplished. It is well organized and covers absolutely everything one needs to plan a big event.This is a great tool for every bride to use and their families to keep everyone communicating together and organized. I am thrilled to use the Coordit web site, it has made my life so much easier!!!"

    Nancy, Mother of the Groom (May 2010)
  • "I am a busy businesswoman who didn’t have much time to plan our wedding. It all seemed too overwhelming, however Coordit made our lives so much easier. My favorite was that I was able to keep track of what I was spending and keep to my budget. Coordit made a complicated process so much easier. What a time saver! I would recommend Coordit to anyone involved in event planning."

    Jodi, Bride (Mar 2010)
  • "We used Coordit to plan our annual Trivia Night. It helped open up the lines of communication, as the organising committee were assigned tasks in the calendar and set reminders so noone forgot what they had to do. Our budget was easily calculated and everyone could see what we were spending our money on. Tickets and attendees were also easy to keep track of, as the information was entered under the Guest List so we could all log in once we had received an RSVP. All in all, it made the lead up to our event a smooth, easy and organised one. Thanks Coordit!"

    Lana, Event Organiser (Sep 2009)
  • "Coordit was the ultimate online event planner for our wedding! It kept all our details in one place, and was easily accessible, anywhere anytime. The Guest List and Budget tools were my favourites as I could quickly adjust the information when required and the totals were calculated for me - no more spreadhsheets! The Calendar was also great for reminding me of the things I needed to do. Coordit is a fantastic web tool that we would recommend to anyone planning any type of event!"

    Sam, Bride (Jun 2009)
  • "Coordit is a very comprehensive online event planner and helped me organise my wedding…. keeping track of all the guest's details (and easy to output to Excel when I needed guest list printouts!) and also what was being spent! (If only there wasn't the need for budgets in this world!) And there are some great suppliers on board too.. Coordit really is a one-stop-event-planning-site!"

    Anne bride to be (Aug 2011)

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Coordit® is the easiest online tool for event planning! Whether you're planning corporate events, wedding, christening, housewarming, birthday party, anniversary party, christmas party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, engagement, etc., Coordit® provides you with all the necessary party planning tools. Including Calendar, Favourites, Bookings, Budget, Guest List, Photos & Files and Messaging, Coordit® is the ideal event software, putting event mangagement back in your control!

Coordit is an easy to use online wedding planner. It is a cheap event planning checklist that covers everything from reception venues to catering companies.

Planning a wedding reception can be done with paying too much to venues and catering companies. You can do it yourself with our cheap, online event planner software and checklist.

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